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Securing Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities 

PA DEP Required Course That Must Be Taken In An Operators First 3 Year Cycle

Describe the importance of implementing security at treatment facilities. Discuss the regulations regarding security, identify critical assets, and identify potential threats. Describe the process for protecting critical assets. Describe ways to increase security using tools that deter, detect, delay and respond to threats. Demonstrate the relationship between the tools. Describe common vulnerability assessment elements. Describe the assessment method of common vulnerability analysis templates. Choose an appropriate vulnerability assessment template based on the characteristics of a treatment system. Given a scenario/case-study, perform a vulnerability assessment using a threat and critically matrix. Identify countermeasures to reduce the threat of critically or critical assets. Rank countermeasures on a cost benefit analysis. Describe the importance of being prepared for facility emergencies, including but not limited to security threats. Incorporate security issues into an existing emergency response plan. 

This course is worth 5 water/wastewater contact hours.

This course is available in person several times a year. 




This course is available in a correspondence format. 

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