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Water Distribution Exam Prep 

This course is based on PA DEP Drinking Water Training Module 8 (Distribution Systems). Supplemental information is provided from PA DEP module 30 (General Safety). The purpose of the course is to provide information relative to the operation of Distribution Systems. It provides the student with classroom training to supplement their field experience. Topics covered include:  

Distribution Networks * Components * Hydraulics * System Performance *   Operations *  Distribution Storage* Maintenance * Water Quality & Monitoring * Disinfection * Monitoring* Enhance Water Quality * Cross Connection Control * Backflow Prevention * General Safety 

This course is worth 20 water contact hours. Contact hours for in person format only.

This course is available as a private  in person class or in a live virtual zoom format. 

Please Note Contact Hours Are NOT available for Zoom Format. Classes are 2 hour weekly for 10 weeks. 

Student materials are mailed ahead of first class so it is important to register early. Late registrations are accepted and you can catch up on missed classes watching class recordings (Zoom format only).  Click below to register or contact our office to be added to future class waiting list

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