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Wastewater General Exam Prep 

Topics covered: 

List wastewater sources and characteristics, describe why wastewater treatment is needed and the impacts to the receiving stream of untreated wastewater discharge, identify a variety of plant equipment and unit process, understand the elements of preliminary treatment, list a variety of flow measurement techniques, list a variety of secondary treatment methods and describe how they work, list various disinfection techniques and understand their basic concepts, list typical sludge handling unit process and have a basic understanding of how they work, understand the importance of sampling and analysis work as it relates to the operation of the wastewater treatment plant, be familiar with a Discharge Monitoring Report and a facility permit, know the components of a safety program, do basic math related to each unit process

This course is offered via Zoom. Classes are 2 hours weekly for 18 weeks. Student materials are mailed ahead of first class so it is important to register early. Late registrations are accepted and you can catch up on missed classes watching class recordings.  Click below to register or contact our office to be added to future class waiting list.

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