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Activated Sludge Exam Prep 

This is a combination of 2 courses designed to help the operator take the Activated Sludge Subclass Exam.                                     The course covers:                                                                       

*Activated Sludge Modifications * Microbiology * Equipment Troubleshooting                                      

* Calculating F/M, MCRT, SVI. % return *Biological Nutrient Removal                                                                         

 *Important Definitions * Process Troubleshooting                       

This course is worth 20 wastewater contact hours. Contact hours for in person format only.

This course is offered via Zoom. Classes are 2 hours weekly for 10 weeks. Student materials are mailed ahead of first class so it is important to register early. Late registrations are accepted and you can catch up on missed classes watching class recordings.  Click below to register or contact our office to be added to future class waiting list.

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